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Environmental Site Assessments
(FULL PHASE 1 - ASTM E 1527-13)
*(Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont)

(For other states and acreage, contact us for a quote)
The Phase I ESA is the first step in identifiying potential historical or current evironmental or hazardous health conditions that may affect the market value of a Property. More...

Asbestos Surveys

Asbestos surveys are conducted on any residence or building to identifiy any asbestos containing materials.
Hazardous Materials

Comprehensive hazardous materials surveys identify hazardous materials at a Property that may fall under local, state or federal regulation.
Environmental Transaction Screen

A Transaction Screen Assessment is a cost-effective environmental due diligence report, and is basically a scaled down version of the Phase I Environmental Site Assessment..

  Phase II Soil Surveys

Phase II Soil Surveys verify if potential environmental or hazardous health conditions identified in a Phase I Site Assessment or a known release do constitute a hazardous condition through sampling or monitoring.

  Phase III Remediation

Phase III remediation is triggered if hazardous materials at a Property have been verified by a Phase II investigation, and consists of removal, neutralization, or stabilization of the materials.

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